Recent Presentations & Workshops

The Explicit Impact of Implicit Bias: Interrupting Implicit Biases to Create More Inclusive Work Environments

Although there has been a lot of dialogue on implicit and unconscious bias, unpacking this concept to understand the myriad of “mental shortcuts” that we take that impact how we work with and value others is critical to the diversity and inclusion journey of any organization. This presentation will cover many of the specific implicit biases that affect the ways in which we learn, work and lead, and how we can break our biases to achieve our highest potential, as individuals and leaders within organizations.  This interactive presentation will address how we can become more aware of our own assumptions, behaviors , nd impact, especially when we are interacting with people who we (consciously and unconsciously) see as different from us. In a rapidly changing global marketplace where our differences can be a source of conflict or strength, understanding and negotiating our implicit cognitive biases can be an individual as well as an organizational competitive advantage.

Inclusive Leadership = Intelligent Leadership: The Next Level of Intelligence and Leadership for 21st Century Workplaces

In this dynamic and interactive discussion, Dr. Reeves introduces new ways of learning, leading and thinking about leadership and inclusion in the 21st century workplace. Based on research and concepts in her book, The Next IQ: The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders, this discussion will explore how effectively creating and leading diverse teams today is the key competitive difference between good leaders and the best leaders across different industries.  In today’s business and legal environment, leaders need intelligence in order to lead, and intelligence needs inclusion in order to be intelligent. This is the core of the transition from the old IQ to The Next IQ. This transition is foundational to surviving and thriving in the 21st century, but it is especially critical for leaders who must often make decisions with incomplete information under pressurized and narrow time constraints. Leaders today can no longer survive on the Retro IQ model of intelligence, which research has demonstrated is riddled with bias and has worked to the detriment of any groups of people who are underrepresented in a work environment.  The Next IQ thinking will stretch how you think of diversity, inclusion, leadership and even intelligence to compete in the increasingly seamless global marketplace of the 21st century and manage the diverse talents of your workforce. This discussion will focus on how leaders can learn to make better decisions, drive better performance and achieve better results by enhancing their inclusive leadership skills.

The Next Generation of Inclusion: Communicating Effectively Across Generational Differences

Understanding, negotiating and managing generational differences (and similarities) is critical to developing the full range of experiences and insights you need in order to practice law, service clients, and effectively manage relationships with colleagues and clients in today’s legal workplaces and courtrooms. In this interactive dialogue, Dr. Reeves will explore research, best practices and practical advice on how to recognize and address generational differences in the workplace. Whether seeking to give/get better feedback, serve/develop relationships across all generations, or build networks that strengthen individual careers as well as organizational strength, you will develop skills to bridge generational differences and drive more effective interactions and relationships. Topics will include exploration of the impact of five different generations working together in today’s workplaces, the sources of generational differences, and the key communication breakdowns that occur in workplace and courtroom interactions. The presentation will also cover strategies and practical solutions to bridge these generational gaps in interpersonal interactions, organizational effectiveness, and external communications.

One Size Never Fits All: Business Development Strategies Tailored for Women (And Most Men)

One size never fits all. Yet, much of the business and leadership advice given to women on how to thrive and advance in workplaces is based on how men thrive and advance. The sustainable advancement of women requires that we recognize and understand the differences between how women and men communicate, work and lead, and this talk will dive into those differences in a candid, thoughtful and practically applicable way. What are the differences in how men and women promote themselves? What is the impact of those differences on women’s business development successes and their advancement? What are the differences in how men and women lead their teams and advocate for those they lead? What is the impact of those differences on women’s business development successes and their advancement? This talk, with your participation and engagement, will explore all of the above and more in ways that will make you think differently about these issues and how you can tailor the way you communicate, work, develop business and lead to best fit you! This presentation will also cover ways in which men and women from different backgrounds and perspectives can effectively develop business while still being authentic.  The above can be a combination of presentation and small group exercises in which people can be grouped with peers in order to make the conversation more relevant for different seniority levels.

Think Smarter. Lead Better.

  • Our ability to reach unity in diversity will be the beauty and the test of our civilisation.

    Mahatma Gandhi
  • Arin Reeves is a nationally recognized leader in the field of law firm diversity consulting. In my view, she is the consummate professional. She is an excellent speaker who engages the attention of audiences at all levels, attorneys and staff. Her presentations are clear, concise, and always convey concepts and best practices which reflect the most recent research in diversity management. Likewise, her reports are quite thorough. Arin is punctual, returns telephone calls promptly and gives very sound advice. She is a warm, caring person with a perpetually cheerful demeanor. It’s always a pleasure to work with Arin; I highly recommend her.

    Karen Jackson Vaughn
  • Arin is one of the premiere experts in the field of diversity consulting and career consulting for diverse attorneys. Not only have I retained Arin to provide workshops at my law firm, but I have seen her speak on a number of occasions. She is focused, creative, practical and her depth of knowledge of the legal arena and law firms is impressive. She also is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her and intend to use her again.

    Trish Butler
  • Honest difference of views and honest debate are not disunity. They are the vital process of policy among free men.

    Herbert Hoover
  • The test of a first-rate intelligence is the ability to hold two opposed ideas in the mind at the same time, and still retain the ability to function.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald