Moneyball & The Next IQ

Arin N. Reeves
January 02, 2012

Moneyball is one of those rare movies that is about baseball but has nothing to do with baseball. It has to do with thinking differently, challenging the status quo, and understanding that the collective sum of the parts always (seriously, always!) equal more than the simple addition of the parts, even if some of the parts are amazing. Read the book by Michael Lewis. Watch the movie if you prefer. The story embodies the lessons in The Next IQ, lessons that can teach all of us to think smarter and lead better!

Think Smarter. Lead Better.

  • Peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences.

    Mikhail Gorbachev
  • Controversial' as we all know, is often a euphemism for 'interesting and intelligent.

    Kevin Smith
  • Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.

    Walter Lippmann
  • Arin Reeves is a nationally recognized leader in the field of law firm diversity consulting. In my view, she is the consummate professional. She is an excellent speaker who engages the attention of audiences at all levels, attorneys and staff. Her presentations are clear, concise, and always convey concepts and best practices which reflect the most recent research in diversity management. Likewise, her reports are quite thorough. Arin is punctual, returns telephone calls promptly and gives very sound advice. She is a warm, caring person with a perpetually cheerful demeanor. It’s always a pleasure to work with Arin; I highly recommend her.

    Karen Jackson Vaughn
  • It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength.

    Maya Angelou