The Last 6.2 Miles: The Work Remaining to Achieve Gender Equity in Professional Service Firms

Arin N. Reeves
November 2013

If achieving gender equity in professional service firms is a marathon, the easy miles are behind us and the miles that stretch ahead of us are the ones that will truly test the depth of our commitment. Across virtually every industry, professional services firms (that are not female-owned) struggle with gender equity in their partnership ranks. They have achieved great success hiring talented women, but our research and work in law firms, consulting firms, technology service firms, architecture firms, marketing/advertising firms, etc., consistently shows that success in hiring women into junior positions does not translate into success in advancing them to partnership and leadership.

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  • Arin is one of the premiere experts in the field of diversity consulting and career consulting for diverse attorneys. Not only have I retained Arin to provide workshops at my law firm, but I have seen her speak on a number of occasions. She is focused, creative, practical and her depth of knowledge of the legal arena and law firms is impressive. She also is a joy to work with. I highly recommend her and intend to use her again.

    Trish Butler
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    Hilary Clinton
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