Workshops, Training & Presentations

Actionable insights, 100% tailored for your team.

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” programs. We work with you to design presentations and workshops that start with the goals you want to achieve and are structured to deliver the impact you want to create.


Our presentations focus on increasing awareness and insights into a wide variety of topics and can be delivered in-person or digitally via webinars and videos.

Skills Trainings

Our skills training are an in-depth discussion and practice of one specific skillset and can be delivered on a wide variety of topics. They can be delivered in-person or digitally via webinars and videos.


Our workshops are in-depth explorations of the topics you care about, with carefully structured group dialogues and role-play activities, individual reflections, and individual and collective action planning.

Training the Trainer

We also design and deliver Train-the-Trainer workshops that allow you to increase your internal expertise in an area and deliver presentations and/or workshops internally with our guidance.

Our primary objective is to use our research on what gets results to work with you to design a combination of all of the above that best helps you achieve your goals in ways that best utilize your resources.

Wondering what we might cover when we work with your team? Explore a list of topics covered in our previous engagements.