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Hive | How To Master New Long Working Hours Like a Pro

You’re excited to explore the idea of a compressed workweek or to start that brand new project with your team. But the idea of working long hours every day feels draining and overwhelming. The good news is that long hours don’t have to be something you dread – they can be a great tool to enhance and enable productivity. Read on for some advice about handling your long hours from Dr. Arin Reeves, the Founder and Managing Director of Nextions and author of In Charge: The Energy Management Guide for Badass Women Who Are Tired of Being Tired.


The problem with longer hours

While long hours could be an excellent way to free up more weekend days on your calendar, they have their downsides – especially if you’re working a schedule that you don’t choose yourself.

“Unfortunately, most people who are determining the length of workdays aren’t taking into consideration the nature of the work, the different work styles on the team, and so on,” Dr. Reeves says.

She adds that though working on one project for an extended period of time can result in difficulty sustaining attention, you might get more done. Working alone or with colleagues, just sitting and focusing together, can get your whole team in a productive groove. On the other side of things, jumping from task to task or meeting to meeting can make the day seem shorter and make you feel busy. However, it will result in further exhaustion, and at the end of the day, you might feel like you didn’t get a lot done.

“It’s different for everyone, and it can be different from day to day,” Dr. Reeves says. “Focusing on the workday to analyze productivity is the tail wagging the dog. If you focus on productivity to set your workday, the flow can be analyzed better.”

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