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Yellow Paper Series | (Re)Invigorating Identity Month Celebrations

As organizations of all types gear up to celebrate different identities including race/ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation during identity history/celebration months, the questions around what to do, how to make it different, how to ensure effectiveness, etc. abound in workplaces, especially for professionals in the Diversity & Inclusion arena who are often charged with the responsibility of making these celebrations happen.


A couple of years ago, Nextions was approached by a group of senior Human Resources executives who were seeking to change their organizations’ approaches to the celebration of months honoring different identities because the engagement levels around these celebrations were beginning to wane.

Indeed, research has shown that engagement levels with these celebrations in workplaces has been steadily declining, and we were commissioned to conduct an informal research project to figure out why this was happening and what workplaces could to do reignite interest in this area. Given the interest in the Nextions learning community for research like this, we requested permission to share a summary of the research with all of you. With special permission from the original commissioners of this research, we are excited to be able to share our research, findings and recommendations with you.

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