2020- 2021

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Module 1: August 10, August 17, August 24 in Our Virtual Training Space! 

The Nextions Academy’s DEI Champions Certificate Program takes professional learning to the next level by delivering unsurpassed curriculum specific to diversity, inclusion, equity, and leadership in legal organizations and connecting that curriculum to execution through coaching as well as collaboration with other learners in a cohort.

The Certificate Program is a series of carefully curated programming and coaching that will substantially enhance the knowledge and skillsets of lawyers or staff members in a legal organization who have any responsibility for or interest in a diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative. It is designed to give DEI champions at any level the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to lead on DEI, which have been shown to contribute significantly to organizational performance.

The certificate programming is comprised of ten, 5-hour modules totaling 50+ hours of direct and supplemental training and coaching. While you can attend individual seminars, completion of all required modules qualifies participants to receive the DEI Champion Certificate from the Nextions Academy.

Each 5-hour module will consist of three weekly classes: two, 2-hour online, interactive classes, followed by an optional 1-hour online coaching/collaboration session where participants discuss how they are implementing what they learned with fellow classmates and the course instructor. This cohort experience will give participants access to multiple ideas for implementation as well as the potential solutions to implementation hurdles. 

Group discussions will be incorporated into each 2-hour class so that participants can learn more deeply and meaningfully from the instructors as well as the other members of the cohort.

The curriculum also includes interactive exercises designed to produce insights necessary for the most impactful learning experiences.

Description of Modules & Learning Objectives:

Module 1: 

Next Level DEI in Legal Organizations – Are Your Efforts Stuck in the 20th Century or Are They Based on Research-Based Modern-Day Practices?

Instructor: Kathleen Nalty 

Dates: Monday, August 10 (10-12 CT), August 17 (10-12 CT), August 24 (10-11 CT)

Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to:

  • Describe how inclusion is the critical component in talent management and organizational success based on the latest research studies.
  • Evaluate which key strategies need to be incorporated into their own organization to advance DEI.
  • Understand how diversity can be defined in the 21st Century and translate this into a new definition for their organization.
  • Communicate to colleagues how diversity leads to better decision-making and organizational success in a way that is more compelling and geared toward converting mind-sets of influential people in the organization.
  • Gain insights into their own personal blind spots, as well as those in their organization, and what steps they can take to look into those blind spots and build their inclusive intelligence.
  • Understand and communicate more effectively the business case for diversity and inclusion in order to gain greater investment in advancing DEI.
  • Craft a more comprehensive and effective case statement for DEI in their organization.

Module 2: 

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You (and Your Organization): Addressing the Surprising and Hidden Impacts of Unconscious Bias

Instructor: Kathleen Nalty 

Dates: Monday, September 14 (10-12 CT), September 21  (10-12 CT), September 28 (10- 11 CT)

Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand how unconscious biases are formed and examine how their experiences may have contributed to their own implicit biases.
  • Differentiate various unconscious cognitive biases, analyze how these biases show up in their own thoughts and behaviors, and explore methods for interrupting these biases.
  • Identify the ten common hidden barriers and the root cause, evaluate how everyone in legal organizations contribute to and are potentially impacted by these hidden barriers
  • Create an action plan to interrupt and/or navigate these barriers.
  • Practice creating a strategic action plan to address hidden barriers in their organization.
  • Utilize research-based methods for uncovering their own unconscious social biases, which is the first step in breaking them.
  • Implement a variety of research-based behaviors to change automatic associations and interrupt their social biases.

Module 3: 

Going All In on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion: Institutionalizing and Embedding New Practices

Instructor: Kathleen Nalty 

Dates: Monday, October 5 (10-12 CT), October 12 (10-12 CT), October 19 (10-11 CT)

Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the framework of a 21st Century DEI initiative and evaluate which of the six components of an inclusive organization exist in their own organization.
  • Benchmark leaders’ competencies in diversity and inclusion, evaluate how leaders can improve and lead on D+I, and develop an individual action plan to advance their inclusive leadership competencies.
  • Create “feel the need” and “framing” nudges that can be used to change mindsets.
  • Establish a DEI competencies model to hold everyone accountable.
  • Understand how to establish “process” nudges that embed DEI principles as well as bias interrupters into structural components of their organization.
  • Benchmark their organization’s progress in advancing DEI using a maturity model.

Module 4: 

A Brain-Based Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Instructor: Kathleen Nalty 

Dates: Monday, October 26 (10-12 CT), November 2 (10-12 CT), November 9 (10-11 CT)

Learning Objectives: 

Upon completion of this module, the learner will be able to:

  • Understand the wide variety of brain-based impediments to progress on DEI
  • Comprehend the three different regions of the brain and the major characteristics of each.
  • Utilize the BrainStates Management Model to begin the process of rewiring the brain to operate in the Higher Brain more often.
  • Identify the differences between fixed and growth mindsets to be able to help others shift their mindset.
  • Implement an action plan for shifting BrainStates.
  • Apply brain rewiring strategies in the organization so that colleagues can actually be more inclusive.

Application and Registration:

All participants will be required to apply and sign an agreement regarding participation and use of course materials. Enrollment is not guaranteed as Nextions will be reviewing the applications to ensure participants have the backgrounds required to contribute meaningfully to the cohort. 


Each module in the series costs $599. Partial scholarships are available for applicants working in government and nonprofit organizations. Please contact Nextions staff at [email protected] for more information.

There may be additional, minor costs, depending on the module. For instance, if a participant in the BrainStates module wishes to have an assessment, there would be an additional $25 fee for that assessment. 


The materials will consist of multiple handouts, depending on the module. The instructors have created dozens of tools class participants can use in their organizations to create meaningful change that will be shared with participants throughout the series of classes. These materials will be licensed to participants for use in their organizations only – not outside their organizations. 

The instructors’ books are available for purchase as well:

  • Smarter Than a Lie: Winning Against Liars Without Losing Your Mind, 
  • One Size Never Fits All: Business Development Strategies Tailored for Women (And Most Men), 
  • The Next IQ: The Next Level of Intelligence for 21st Century Leaders, and 
  • Going All In on Diversity and Inclusion: The Law Firm Leader’s Playbook

The books and handouts include many new, ground-breaking tools designed to help participants diagnose problem areas in their organizations and implement new solutions. Contact Nextions at [email protected] if you want to purchase a book.

CLE Credit: 

Nextions will apply for CLE certification for each module. CLE accrediting entities may only award 2-3 credit hours since group discussions usually do not qualify for CLE credit.

Certification Requirements:

Course participants who successfully complete modules 1-10 will be eligible to receive Nextions Academy’s D+I Champions Certificate. 


What happens if I have to miss one of the classes?

Nextions plans to record the sessions for those participants who must miss a class. Attendance is a critical component of the program due to group discussions, so it is ideal if participants can arrange their schedules to reduce any conflicts. 

Do I have to attend the 1-hour cohort discussion at the end of each module?

Unless you are seeking certification, the 1-hour session is highly encouraged but not mandatory. It is a unique opportunity, though, because it is aimed at taking learning to the next level – implementation and action – and legal professionals have few opportunities to share what works and learn others’ ideas for overcoming obstacles. 

Do I need to attend the modules in any certain order?

The content in this series was carefully designed to build the concepts in a logical and meaningful order. It would be ideal to start with Module 1 and proceed sequentially, but it is not required. However, if you do take the classes out of order, be aware that the instructors may be using terms and referring to previously covered concepts and material that could cause a bit of confusion. 

Why should I seek certification?

The series is designed to give someone working in a legal organization the professional development necessary to enable them to assist their organization in transformational change on DEI. The certificate would be a valuable credential indicating to current and future employers that the certificate holder has critical 21st Century knowledge and skills, which should enhance promotional and compensation opportunities. 

I have a lot of experience in DEI in law office settings so I am wondering whether I will actually be learning anything new.

The instructors’ experiences in using the curriculum and materials in many different kinds of organizations, including non-legal, have given them a wealth of experiences and examples to share that you may not have been exposed to. Also, by participating in the various modules, you will gain access to the tools they have created that can help you diagnose problem areas, benchmark progress, assess leadership capabilities, set up competency frameworks, and more. All participants, if they agree to the terms for the use of the materials and tools, will be licensed to do so within their organizations. Also, it has been the instructors’ experience that even people who have been doing this work for some time have significant aha moments and learn new things in their workshops. Finally, there is the cohort experience – participating in discussions with others from different organizations – that  can provide you with a wealth of ideas.

How does this course differ from other diversity-related certificate courses?

This course is tailored to the specific needs and cultures of legal organizations and is taught by lawyers who are nationally recognized DEI researchers and consultants with extensive experience working with attorneys and staff in legal organizations on their organizations’ DEI efforts. There is no other comprehensive course of this kind available in the legal industry.

Other general D&I certificate courses simply offer education. The Nextions Academy takes it to the next level by putting education into practice. All participants will have the option of engaging with their peers in learning cohorts, which is unique and invaluable when it comes to successfully implementing DEI practices.

Think Smarter. Lead Better.